Meet Our Partners

Our partners are the reason this business exists. Each community has an unique story of restoration. 

Nozomi Project

The Nozomi Project is a social enterprise located in Ishinomaki, Japan. Using broken pieces of pottery left behind by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the Nozomi Project trains women to create beautiful jewelry products out of the ruins of the natural disaster as well as other up-cycled pottery. This initiative provides the women with income while restoring them with dignity and hope. Shop their products here


Pearl Family Garden

Pearl Family Garden reaches out and cares for women beyond their prime years in the oldest red-light district in Wanhua, Taipei. Many of them are former sex workers who struggle to earn a living as they age. Through the weekly handicraft workshop, the ladies are able to learn new skills, generate income and also build warm friendships. Gradually, other low-income women, seeking an alternative source of income, have also joined them. Shop their products here.

Tamar Village

Since 2010, Tamar Village has journeyed with families and individuals in the red-light district of Singapore. It is committed to bringing hope, help, and healing to those who have been affected by the sex-trade. By walking journeys of restoration, lives are rebuilt, people are restored, and communities are renewed. Shop their products here.